Borderline Integral Colors by Cohill

1lb pre-measured bags or 25 lb bulk bags.


Orders under 25lbs will have additional shipping added.

International customers please contact us before purchase for shipping quotes.

1 lb

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25 lb

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NOTE:  It is highly recommended that you do a sample test area before installation.  The color samples shown are approximate and represent as closely as possible the appearance of Cohill Color in integrally colored concrete.  The final color of the concrete may not match the colors shown here due to variables beyond our control including finishing techniques, job conditions, and curing methods.  The color differences in your sand and the ratio of sand to portland can alter the color of your curbing.

- Cohill iron oxide pigments are made with Bayferrox which meet or exceed ASTM C-979 designation for pigments for integrally colored concrete.  They are insoluble, light fast, alkali resistant and weather resistant.

- The colors demonstrated in this chart are approximate and obtained by adding a specific amount of pigment per 47lb bag of portland cement.  Variations from these colors are likely due to changes in mixing times, finishing techniques, color of cement and other raw materials such as sand, ect.

- Water curing or covering your curbing with plastic can lead to discoloration.

- The white powdery substance that may form on the surface of concrete products is known as efflorescence.  Chemical admixtures can be used to attempt to stop or reduce the formation of efflorescence.  Proper finishing, curing and sealing techniques may greatly reduce the tendency of this to occur.

- Non-chloride accelerators, such as Borderline's Excel, may be used with iron oxide pigments.  Do not use calcium chloride set accelerators which can cause blotching and discoloration.

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