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If you are on this site,  odds are you are looking at starting a curbing business or already have one.   We are here for all of you  regardless of the machine you run.    We aren't afraid to show what our products, tools, and machines can do and we back up those facts with video from the guys who do it everyday.  There's no smoke and mirrors, no flash or cool music,  Just information and instruction from hard working and experienced curbers.  Lonnie has uploaded over 100 instructional videos to our youtube page to help all those who may need it.  We show our machines running full mixes and all our products at actual jobsites because that's the real world.  

Do Do your research and look at other machines and Mfg's.   Give them a call and ask real curbing questions to see if they can answer them for you.  You'll realize pretty quick whose blowing smoke.  Believe it or not there's companies who mfg curbing machines who don't or never have curbed.  They bring in local curbing companies to do trainings!!!  "Do as I say Not as I Do"...

Call us at:  (701) 751 - 2705 and talk to someone who curbs...

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Borderline has the most extensive training and support in the industry.  You have many training options including online or hands-on, support from hundreds of curbers in many groups, along with 8 trainers across the United States and Canada.

Over 100 videos for anyone to view who may need help regardless of machine they have.

Whether you buy from us or not you know where to go for help.  It's what we do, were curbers...


We Got You..

Build  it and they will curb...



Every company says their machines are the best but never show real proof.  How come we don't see any videos showing them on actual working jobsites?  Maybe it's because videos don't lie.  Obvious problems and shortcomings would be right there for you to view.  Here at Borderline we want you to see our machines in action.   That's why we have over 100 videos for all to see on our youtube page and of the Sting laying down mud... 

We don't hide behind all the smoke and mirrors because that's not real world, were curbers...

$250 off a Sting!!

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Piledriver XL


The Piledriver XL is the culmination years of research, design, and testing.  Our customers asked for a machine that was bigger and more badass so we obliged!  A custom tub made with a solid 14 GA steel, 1/8 inch steel handles, and a Honda GX 50 with 30% more horsepower than before.   Stay tuned as the XL will be revealed in Mid - Jan, 2020!

The Extreme 20

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2020 Borderline Rendezvous
May 29, 9:00 AM CDT
Borderline Rendezvous 2020
The only curbing convention of its kind anywhere in the world! Here's your chance to meet and learn from dozens of other professionals from all over the continent!
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Do you have any questions for us?

If you are wondering about curbing in general or want some more information about our equipment please fill out the form below.  Are you are an existing curber and can't get any help from the your mfg?  Please contact us, we are here for all of you.

Lonnie Shereck - (Owner and Curber)

(701) 751 - 2705

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