If you build it you should use it... 

" When I started my research into landscape curbing I did what most people do, search online. I came across several companies who made curbing equipment. I checked out a couple websites then came to Borderline's.   The info on the site explained everything a beginner like me would need to know.  I spent time reading through articles on their blog and their website forum and learned tons!.  I didn't call until the next day as I discovered their youtube page and spent several hours watching. I hadn't talked to anyone and I was already sold on this company,  My call the next day just reaffirmed what i already knew, these guys know curbing because they do it everyday!  If i'm going to purchase equipment I'm going to get it from someone who actually does it.  Lonnie and I talked for almost an hour about every aspect of curbing, no pressure,  and no sales pitch.  I placed an order for a Custom Built Full Package Extreme 20 (green to match by landscaping logo),  and can't wait until it arrives.  Thank you Lonnie and Jerry for all the help, I can't wait to start!


                                                   Joseph, Anaheim 


  the new 2021   sting

The Sting has been the staple of the landscape curbing world since it's inception nearly 20 years ago.  Recent additions and improvements have catapulted it to the top of the industry.  As others still refuse to address issues and sell machines with obvious problems, Borderline continues to innovate and reinvent itself.  Our "in house" fab shop not only gives us the ability to make changes on the fly, but also customize your machine.  

New for 2021? 

-Custom side plates with your company name!

-Quick release undercarriage (no wrenches needed)

-2 undercarriages with 4 trowels

-Custom colors as always...





Each machine we make is custom built for you.  If you buy a Ford, it doesn't come in just one color, a curb machine shouldn't be any different.


we aren't afraid to show you...

piledriver XL

Piledriver was born out of necessity in the rugged country of western North Dakota.  Hauling concrete in the hills of Bismarck for curbing crews can be a daunting task.  The worst and often the lowest paid job on the crew is the guy who "pushes".  Making money in curbing hinges on getting work done, Piledriver makes this happen. 

Why push when you can Piledrive... 

Be on the lookout for coupons!!


Stock Colors

Black Tub


Silver Accents

Custom colors are extra if ordered without curbing equipment.


the videos don't lie..



Cut a 10 inch trench to lay your curb.  Have enough room side to side to make your curb flow.  The Sod Cutter has adjustable depth and has a "dog drive" which help propel you forward.  Landscapers will love this also to help with their projects.  A wonderful machine..


Curb prep

The BedScaper is an amazing tool to use to create your trench for curbing.  The blade will cut a 8.5 inch swath by grinding up the sod into a mulch.  This machine will have a rotor, like a tiller, unlike a sod cutter which cuts with a vibrating blade.  Both machines do very well for curbing, it's personal preference.  Sod cutters you push forward, bed edgers are pulled.  This particular model is modified for curbers by Borderline.  It's a custom blade and we've made a metal shroud to protect you and the house from flying debris.  This machine also folds up which is great for saving space.

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