The Extreme 20 Full Contractor Package!

This package has all the essentials for a curbing company to start laying mud right away. All you need is sand and portland and your ready to go.

Borderline admixtures and all the small tools and items complete the setup.

Shelves are included to store everything you need. Add your colors and releases and organize how you choose!

Dual doors and a heavy steel shelf not only make it easy for access but all the portland can be stored inside with easy access to the rear for the person mixing.

Space is not an issue anymore!! We've made it a priority for our customers to have enough storage to haul whatever they need, inside and dry.

Ease of operation, the sand bin is 9 feet long so more difficulty loading. The rear entry has heavy shocks so no worries about it staying open. It also doubles as a partial shade for the man in the "hotbox"!!

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