Introducing the Extreme 20 Curbing Trailer by Borderline.

Mixer and plate can be removed together or seperate.

Dual 7k axles, 600 ft of sand and portland, easy.

9ft sand bin, lowered for safety. Now the large loaders can dump sand in without making a mess.

Everything inside with room to spare.

Your mixer needs things to be easy and accessable for efficiency.

Custom made by Jamie and Leingang Metal Fab. Our new trailers are designed to be used all year long. All components are removable so you can haul your skidsteer in the winter or use in construction. Everything was thought of in this construction. Dual drop down doors, shelves, rear access to your concrete. Longer sand bin, 6'8 tall storage compartment, 8ft long. There isn't another mfg who builds with the curber in mind, because the builders are curbers! We will build to suit, want a smaller one? We got you, 14 ft deck for weekenders. You like a gooseneck? No problem. Any custom add ons? Easy. We think of the curber first. Only at Borderline.

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