X-Cell  -  Accelerates the curing process of your curbing.

X-Cell - Accelerates the curing process of your curbing.


There are certain situations when and accelerant is needed in curbing.  If you are worried about a storm that may be coming later in the day and want to have a little more peice of mind.  Also early or late in the season whe cold weather hits, you want to make sure curing is complete before it freezes at night.  A small amount could save you 1000's$.  

This product used to come in a powder form but we have changed it to a liquid 9-29-19.  The one gallon container will come with a pump.  We recommend 1 - 2 oz per mix under normal conditions.  Add directly to mix.  It is not recommended more than 4 -5 oz per mix as it will cure up fast.  

One gallon will get you almost 70 mixes at 2 oz per mix.  Please use common sense when pouring curbing during cold weather.  


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