PR Sting Curb Machine - 2020 Model

PR Sting Curb Machine - 2020 Model


The Borderline PR Sting is the second machine that borderline developed over their history.    The Sting was born in the early 2000's to tackle a wide range of curb shapes and sizes.  Its drive mechanism was totally redone to handle a larger amount of concrete and is able to produce a 8x8 curb.  The speed of the machine increased along with compaction which made for a stronger product.  We strive to make things better for the curber and are constantly improving these machines.  There are many features on this machine you will find on no other.  Custom colors, High speed jacks, braking system for going downhill, anti "slag" skids to reduce waste, deeper plunger stroke for speed and reduced bridging, and our exclusive engine pin system to remove the engine in less than a minute for cleaning and maintenence.  You will not find a better curb machine out there, we will put it up against any other.  We aren't afraid like other mfg's to show you all the capabilites of this machine on-site with operators who actually do the work.  There are dozens of videos both instructional and at work to help you decide.  Talk is cheap, show me or shut up.

Operators who switch constantly tell us "where has this been all my life"!

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