Extreme 20 Full Contractor Package


The conctractor package will have everything you will need to get to work right away.  

1)  Extreme 20 curbing trailer with mixer mounted.  Whiteman 9cf poly

2) PR Sting curb machine.  Fastest most efficient on the planet.  Comes with 2 trowels and molds.

3) Sod cutter or bed edger.  Your choice.

4) Piledriver - No more pushing wheelbarrows, get curb down and on to the next!!

5) Carving Kit - 30 pieces to create your own "Stone" plus training.

6) Accessories kit - All the items you shouldn't have to search for when you start.  Shovels, cones, tools, sprayers, tarps, ect.  Ton of stuff you shouldn't have to be responsible to find.

7) Chemicals and additives to get you going.


-With this package you will receive a full 10 piece set of stamp rollers with case. (1000$) value.

-With this package you will receive 1 Dakota Series Stamp kit of your choice.  (300$) value.

- With this package you will receive hands on Pro-Training, 2 days.  (1900$) value.  This is always included in your package so it's always free.  You will also be allowed to spend as many days as you would like curbing with Valley Borders, right away or later.

- With this package you will receive free advanced training to create your own Stone.  (1100$) value as Carving kit is in the package.  Seperately 1900$.




Please call to discuss build time!!!!


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