Extreme 20 Curbing Trailer with mixer mounted

Extreme 20 Curbing Trailer with mixer mounted


The 2020 model Extreme!!  24 ft feet long total with a 20ft deck.  Dual 7k axles for a 14,000 gross.   This trailer will have the ability to easily haul 600 ft of sand plus 2000lb of portland along with all your machines and equipment.  The Extreme is custom built to your specs along with the color.  The base trailer is black but if you want the compartment and the sand bin red, thats no problem as everything is powder coated.  The huge compartment has a drop down ramp door on the passenger side.  It measures 8ft long and 6 1/2 feet tall, no more hitting your head while retreiving your materials.  2 heavy welded shelves are standard issue in the front while a large shelf in the rear of the compartment will handle all your portland.  We have installed an access door in the rear so the person mixing can easily grab portland, color, or chemicals without leaving the sand bin.  The 9 ft sand bin is much less trouble to load so you will have less spillage to clean up and we've even installed an aluminum floor to prevent rust in the sand bin!  A 9cf Whiteman Poly Mortar Mixer is mounted to the rear of the unit with ample space on the side to stand and check your mix.  The "Extreme" is by far the best curbing trailer built, there isn't a comparision as others don't think about what the curber needs.  To make this even better we have designed the whole unit to be Multi-use.  Every component is removable so you can use the flatbed in the off-season.  Wanna use it to haul a skidder to do snow removal?  Now you have the trailer to do it.  It only takes 45 minutes, 2 guys, and a forklift.  No other MFG makes a curbing trailer with the curber in mind.  What looks good on paper sometimes doesn't work in the real world.  To make it even better when you register the trailer in your state you only pay taxes and fees on what the actual flatbed trailer costs not the complete unit as none of the components are permanent as they aren't welded to the trailer itself.  This saves you an avg of $1500 in registration.  


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