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Terms & Conditions

Borderline makes it much easier now to make payments on our products.  Our Layaway Program gives you the opportunity to pre-pay so you can get a head start on your purchase.  This is similar to the large box stores who offer a layaway program.  To reserve a product you must make a down payment then a monthly on a given date until the product is paid for.  This is a no nonsense program with very simple and straight forward rules.

  1. Make the down payment on the specific product you are purchasing.  $500 is the down payment unless it's a full package.  This will be considered your first monthly payment.  For example if your down is made on Nov. 5th, it will be considered that months payment, you will not need to make another until December.

  2. All payments will be due on the 15th of each month with a 5 day grace period.  Like all layaway programs, if you miss a payment then the agreement is void and will result in loss all payments made towards your purchase and your equipment.  You have until the 20th of each month at 11:59 p.m. Central standard time or the agreement is void, any payment made that it not equal or grater than $500 (the minimum payment) will not be applied as a payment and will be refunded.

  3. When making a monthly payment all you do is click on the monthly button which will take you to the purchase page.  Your minimum is $500 other than on a full package.  We have made the purchase amount for $100 so to make your minimum you must click it 5 times for $500.  You are allowed to make a larger payment anytime so click the number of times you would like.  Ex: 7 times for $700.

  4. Whatever your purchase (excluding full packages), your product will be built a month before your final payment.  If you plan on paying your purchase off early you must contact us for build times.

  5. This agreement is only for the purchase price of the product.  Shipping costs will be figured during the final two weeks before shipping as quotes are only good for 10 days then must be recalculated.

Down Payment

Click the button to make your first payment on your PR Sting.  Please read the terms and conditions before purchase.

Monthly Payment

This is where you will go on the 15th to make your monthly payment.

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