Oct 16, 2018

Does the type of sand make a difference?


Sand is typically the biggest issue especially for a new curbing company. The wrong type can make life very frustrating.

Oct 16, 2018

Our company uses 1/8 washed sand but we feel it is too rocky most of the time. Seems like 1/2 rock and 1/2 sand. This causes us to use more water to get a seal on the surface and cutting becomes very delicate. What advice do you have Lonnie?

Oct 16, 2018

Hey brent. Sands are the biggest cause of headaches and can make curbing very difficult. U will have more success using a finer sand but will have to use a plasticizer to reduce the water content. We have a sample pack with our gravy and piss included. It's something to take a look at as it makes curbing way easier. Finishing is simple and stamping deep and curb stands up because of less water weight.

Oct 16, 2018

Lonnie, does the plasticizer add to or effect the curbs strength. Plus cost per foot?

Oct 21, 2018

Plasticizer's actually increase the strength of concrete. Due to the reduction of water it in turn makes the concrete more dense. More dense more strength. It's hard to measure but i would think that it has more effect than just putting a pinch of fiber in for extra psi. The cost of the "gravy" we sell here calculates out to approx 7 or 8 cents a foot. It's going to depend on sand ratio, size of curb, ect so it's not exact. We don't mix without it. Finishing is so easy and your able to use a finer sand which helps in many respects such as finishing, stamping, ect.



Nov 29, 2018

I've been having problems finding consistent course sand. The bigger pebbles make cutting joints a real pain. I was always told masonry sand is a no no with curbing. I ordered the sample of gravy/piss to give it a run with the masonry sand. Always have to do a lot of troweling as well. I am self taught and just stumbled accrossed your videos recently

Nov 29, 2018

Hi Nathan, sorry took me a bit to get back to you . I have your sample kit ready to go for you. a finer sand will allow you to do many more things. getting it to work is the battle if you dont have the chems. we use gravy in every single mix we do, all summer. It makes finishing, stamping, a dream. curbing shouldnt be hard, you shouldnt have to fight to get it smooth ect. you will realize when you practice with it that it will take a few mixs to get usd to .. theres enough in the sample pak for 8 mixes ,

What is the name of the proper sand I should be using

Lonnie. What kind of sand do use and recommend?

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