Borderline's standard curbing trailer has a 20ft deck space and total length of 24 ft.  Other mfg's try to get you hooked by leading you towards options that take away the functionality of the trailer itself.  Experienced curbers know that space and efficiency is paramount.  Storage compartment tall enough to walk in, unlike most others.  Easy access to your materials, simplicity of unloading and loading, and the ability to use the trailer for other purposes.  No other mfg offers a curbing trailer that is Multi-use, every component of the Extreme 20 are removable.  Wanna haul your skidder in the winter to do snow removal?  You have a trailer to do it.... Shelves are standard issue, not an option, why should you have to install them when you get home just to get it curb ready, it should come that way.  That's what Borderline does.....

Silver and Black Custom

Silver and Black Custom!! Diamond plate trim with dual doors.

Beautiful lines.....
Borderline USA

Borderline USA Extreme 20

Rear Access to Materials
What a sight!!
20 ft total deck space.

8ft long compartment that is 6'8ft tall. Shelves are standard to hold your colors and stamps. Dual ramp doors are industry 1st!!!!

Beautiful down the road.
9ft long sand bin.

Much easier to get loaded by large dumps.

Jealous competition.
Full contractor package!!
Welded steel shelf for portland.
It all fits with plenty to spare!
Shelves are standard.
Rear door on shocks.
Tons of room.
Mixer mounted for easy dumping.

Each mixer is hung off the back a few inches to allow your piledriver clearance to dump.

6'4 ft tall, head clearance!
Drive it right through!
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