Due to increased prices on steel and mixers,  all our trailers have gone up to cover that cost.


Borderline Curbing Trailers

We now have three new options for all of you to see.  The Extreme 20, the Medium Extreme, and the Side hustle.

Starting in 2021 each unit will have a 6ft 6in tall storage compartment, a rear portland shelf with rear access, and options for heavier axles & tires.  

All curbing trailers are built from the ground up for Borderline and will come with several different color choices including White, Red, and Gray/silver.  Your Whiteman 9cf poly mortar mixer is mounted for you within easy reach of your sand and portland.  The price of the trailer always includes the mixer mounted, we don't play games like others do and add that to the price later.  You won't find another unit out there that is absolutely built with the curber in mind.  We've taken our own experience and input from our crew along with help from other owners to build something that will be as efficient as possible for you.  Storage for everything is now paramount not only for protection from the elements but security as well.  We hope you are as impressed as we are.


The Extreme 20

WOW!  The Extreme 20 is the biggest curbing trailer in the industry with 20 ft of deck space and huge panels for your logos.  We have pulled out all the stops on this one.  Our main focus on this rig was to make sure you have the storage compartment to be totally self sufficient.  6 1/2 ft tall compartment to walk in and 8ft long.  Built in shelves to hold color, tools, and stamps and the rear access door holds all your portland that's within easy reach of your man in the box.  You have the option of upgrading the stock 7k axles to 8k and replacing the normal trailer tires to 14ply.  This rig is designed for the full time professional who want to lay some serious footage.   This rig is the Cat's Ass of curbing trailers, a curbers dream!




The Medium Extreme

This curbing trailer is perfect for not only the part-time guy but also full-time professionals.  It's dual 7k axles allows you 600 ft of sand and the rear portland door gives you access to 40 (47lb) bags of portland.  This unit gives you 16ft of deck space. with 6.5 ft dedicated to the storage of your machines, tools, and materials.  The 7 foot sand bin gives you the carrying capacity for a full days work.  And finally the Whiteman mixer mounted cleanly in the rear completes this amazing trailer.

You will need at least a 3/4 truck (2500) to legally pull this rig, 1/2 ton trucks do not have the towing capacity to legally pull this.  This unit is the same length and size as all the previous borderline and tygar trailers from years ago.




The Side Hustle

If your looking at adding curbing to your business or just want to be part-time, this is the trailer for you.  We've shortened everything up to a 14ft deck.   You still have large compartment for all your machines and ample space in the bin for sand.  This unit also has a rear portland shelf for your mixer which is standard on every trailer we build.  You will have dual 5200 lb axles which will allow for about 400 ft carrying capacity.  Unless you have a half ton truck with a towing rating of 10,400 or more, you will need at least a 3/4 ton truck to safely pull this.  Like all three trailers you will have a whiteman 9cf mixer mounted with the price.  This is a great rig for a small company just starting out but still has all the cool options the large ones have.



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