Borderline Curbing Trailers

The "Extreme 20" Bumper
Includes mixer mounted.

At Borderline we are constantly reinventing ourselves.  Every single season we have made our curbing trailers better for our customers and this season is no different.

As of March 1st, 2022 we will only concentrate on building the Extreme 20.  The 16 and 14 will no longer be offered. 


There are several reasons for this.

#1 - We feel to set up a new company properly they should be able to not only haul enough material for a full days work but also be able to have enough storage space.  The Extreme 20 has an 8 ft compartment with enough room to haul all your colors, stamps, machines, and tools needed for any job.  There are built in shelves to organize and extra space to customize how you like.  There's also enough room inside to carry your own water and pump to be self-sufficient.  

#2 - The 7K axles are strong enough handle all the weight with less chance of overloading and options to go heavier or upgrade to a gooseneck.

#3 - The overall cost of the larger trailers to build isn't much more than the small ones.

#4 - Quicker production times as 20 ft trailers are more common to purchase from mfg's.

#5 - The sand bin is 9ft long which is much easier to load without making a mess.

There will be many additions to our new trailers that will be revealed in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

No one does it like Borderline.


The Extreme 20

The "Cats Ass" of curbing trailers

The "20" in the name refers to the actual length of the deck, unlike other mfg's who include the tongue.  This is misleading for the customer as the deck space is the most important.  Our storage compartment is 8ft long and 6'6 tall which gives you a tremendous amount of storage space.  The lockable drop ramp makes loading super easy and efficient.  Each sand bin is 9 ft long which leaves 3 ft for the mounting of your mixer.  Storage and hauling capacity is paramount for you to make sure you can get work done without having to refill as often.  It's almost like this trailer is designed by guys who actually curb everyday.  lol

Nate Egan with Pro Curbs

"The Biggest and most badass curbing trailer out there, and it's not even close."

Upgrade to 8k axles and Goose!!

Those who love pulling a gooseneck will love this trailer.  Our boys at Valley Borders pull these units everyday and love em!  The 8k axles and 14ply tires give you the piece of mind to haul heavy.  If you want to haul 750ft of material you certainly can with this beast.  Its an impressive site to see these curbing trailers onsite.   


Storage for everything!!

Our curbing trailers come stock with shelves built in with enough extra space to add your own to customize how you like.  Get your tools, buckets, and colors off the floor and out of the way.  Look at the all room for your machines!  Everything fits with a ton of room to spare.  

A curbing trailer that's set up for success!


Water Tank?

Enough room to even bring your own water with you!  No more rolling hoses!


Space for days!

Maximize your room so nothing is left behind.

The only company who thinks about the guy in the "hot box".

Borderline is the only company who has built a trailer with a dedicated place for your portland.  Our portland shelf can hold over 40 (47lb) bags that is within easy reach.  It doesn't make any sense to have to haul portland in the back of the truck then to have to stack on the fender, your moving it twice.  Think of how inefficient that is for the guy who really has the hardest job on the crew to begin with.  The sand is accessible but the portland isn't?  Hmmm.


Portland Shelf

We've thought of everything to make your business successful.


Stack Em!

No one does it like Borderline.


The mounting of your mixer is always included in the price.

Your mortar mixer is flush mounted to the trailer with enough space to stand alongside and check your mix.  Notice not only the area next to the drum but also the step below.  This will allow you to safely step down to the ground.  For decades trailers were made without this space which caused many a sprained ankles and other injuries.  

The mortar mixer that is mounted will either be a Whiteman 9cf or Brave Pro, whichever is in stock or available.  (poly or steel).  


Whiteman 9cf

The staple of curbing mixers for decades.


Brave Pro

Another great mixer, (Steel or poly)

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