Patrick Roach is responsible for starting the curbing industry in America way back in the late 70's.  After almost 40 years of leading Borderline,  Patrick has since retired to a life of leisure with his beautiful wife Isobel in the land Down Under.   He is still very much involved and speaks to his team almost daily.  His leadership and advice is invaluable and we continue on as if he is right here with his short shorts and visor, his imprint and legacy is all over this company.  We love our "big Koala".



We are the Borderline Family

Here are the guys who make us go.  Everyone has a place and a job to do to make sure our customers get taken care of.  With everyone working together and the guidance of our leader,  Borderline will be on top again where they should be.....

Lonnie is the new majority owner of Borderline.  He is involved in every aspect of Borderline including training, mfg, and R&D.  He started Valley Borders Custom Curbing in 2002 after being trained by Patrick, Valley Borders is responsible for all training sessions.

Borderline passed to him in the summer of 2016 after Pat's retirement.

Borderline USA and Valley Borders are  located in Bismarck, N.D. where daily operations take place.

Jerry comes to us with a tremendous amount of concrete knowledge.  He ran a major concrete company in the Bismarck area for the last 15 years.  He has taken over duties of all fabrication and assembly of all machines and equipment that Borderline mfg's.  His organization and skill really sets him apart and if anything needs to get done we can rely on him to come through.  His addition to the family has been a major coup for Borderline, we would be lost without him.

Lonnie Shereck

Jerry Spitzer

"Whitey" has an immense knowledge of the concrete world as he worked for years at the city desk of a construction supply house.  He will be the person to receive your call, place your order, package, and ship as well as answer technical questions about products.   He is also responsible for research and development of all stamps, molds, and tools.  You will find the "mad scientist" most days building molds and pouring stamps.  It's an absolute blessing that we have him as part of our family.

Lance owns and operates a landscape company as well as being a minority owner of Borderline and Piledriver.    His belief in these companies and the men behind it lead to his involvement with us.  Every company has people behind the scenes who make it successful and Lance is that guy.  He is a great friend and has helped this company move forward.  Without him we don't climb back up to the top where we should be. Every one of us are equals and have a place, Lance is up on the top.

Matt White

Lance Johnson

Andrew has been an amazing addition to Valley Borders and Borderline.  We can count on Drew for anything that needs to be done.  It doesn't matter if it's being on the curbing crew all day or welding and fabrication of parts and machines.  Theres nothing that scares him and never has a complaint about whatever work he is doing.  He is truly a serious asset to our companies and we appreciate  him.

The prodigal son!!  Trey started working at Valley Borders when he was 14 as a mixer.  He is one who really enjoys curbing and we have no trouble getting him to work.  At 15 he became our head finisher as our 10 year veteran decided to move.  After 1 day it was obvious he had what it took to be good at it.  After a week he was  proficient at finishing, stamping, and carving.  He loves what he does and is a born leader.  We love having out "boys" at Valley Borders, they do a great job and our days are normally filled with a bunch of laughs.

Drew Nelson

Trey Shereck

Borderline USA Copyright 1979

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